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Circulation heaters – water boilers

All our products and accessories can be made according to your wishes. We design and make everything ourselves in our own factory. Depending on the application of the device and the medium, all shapes and sizes are possible. The power of the device can also be tailored to suit the required application.
Feel free to contact us to talk about the many possibilities. 

Electric flow devices, circulation heaters or boilers are specially developed, modified and manufactured according to your desired needs and specifications; suitable for heating water, water-glycol, oil, etc.  We can provide high-quality copper elements for boilers from Daalderop and Nibe; highly suitable for shipping and offshore applications. Power and surface pressure are adaptable based on our expertise and capabilities.

Dimensions : various standard models or at desired specification
Material : stainless steel housing: 304/316L • Boilers: copper or stainless steel cocoon with insulation
Power supply : up to 600V
Elements : copper tube elements, stainless steel 316L, INC800, INC825
Optional : Stainless steel, or painted connection box, thermostats and/or (PLC, proportional) temperature control
Application : Food industry, shipping and offshore, industrial applications

Circulation heater AISI Ø76 2-9kW-230/400V

Circulation heater stainless steel Ø76mm
– For horizontal use, stainless steel 304/316L model
– Power: 2-9kW- 230 / 3x400V, connections: ½”- 1½”, or at desired specification
– Optional: thermostats, PT-100 sensor, proportional control, etc.
– Application: flow heater for water, water/glycol.

Circulation heater AISI for thermic oil 5kW-400V3F, incl. pump

Flow device: stainless steel with circulation pump (thermal oil)
– Circulation heater suitable to heat up thermal oil up to 200 °C, stainless steel 304 model, 5kW-3x400V with gear pump
– Dimensions approx. Ø168×550 mm, including electronic control
– Other models upon request.
– Applications: Proces heating oil high temperature.

Flow device, Circulation heater AISI 200kW-400V3F

Flow device: stainless steel 200kW-400V3F
– Power up to 250 kW-3×400 or 3x440V, including control in several stages(± 8)
– Made with stainless steel 304/316L, connections according to desired specifications, including frame
– Optional: PLC control, extensive security, flow monitoring, etc.
– Application: water, water-glycol or oil, central heating

Flow device, Circulation heater AISI 200kW-400V3F RAL9010

Flow device: 200kW-400V3F RAL 9010
– Model 200kW-3x400V, stainless steel 304 painted RAL 9010, suitable for oil, water/glycol, etc. –
Built from 2 tanks, including frame, control box, extensive control, security, etc.  Inlet and outlet connections at desired specification. (welding sock / flange plate) – At desired specification up to 250kW
– Optional: PLC control and flow monitoring.

Elektrical boilers Daarlderop Mono

Electrical boilers: Daalderop Mono
– (base) Daalderop Close-In, Mono 30, 50, 80, 120, 150 litre. Equipped with high quality copper elements – capacity: 0.5-7.5kW
– Power supply: 1x230V, 3x208V, 3x230V, 3x380V, 3x400V, 3x415V, 3x440V, 3x480V or upon request
– Application: shipping and offshore applications.

Circulation heater AISI 40kW-3x400-3x440V

Circulation heater stainless steel 3x400V-3x440V
– Stainless steel 304 / 316L model, suitable for horizontal use, size tank: ± Ø168-356 mm
– Capacity, connections, control, etc., to desired specification
– Optional: thermostats, PT-100 sensor, proportional control.
– Applications: normal water, water/glycol or oil

Heated eye and facewash Stainless steel for outdoors

Heated eye- and face-wash unit, outside stainless steel set up.
– Specially designed for flushing eyes and face in the event of an emergency, using heated water (± 28 °C), for emergency situations in accordance with ANSI Z358.1. Housing is entirely stainless steel 304, equipped with electronically controlled flow device: 18kW – 3x400V+N, including various safety devices.
Heated Eye- and Face-Wash Unit

Flow device, Circulation heater AISI 100kW-400V3F edible oil

Flow device: stainless steel insulated (thermal oil)
– 100 kW-3x400V, suitable for thermal oil up to 225 °C, entirely made with stainless steel 304, including insulation package and stainless steel plating. Connections: DN65, heated with ceramic elements, suitable for thyristor control
– Optional: control at desired specification.

Circulation heater 100kW-400V3F PLC control RAL9010

Flow device 100kW, painted and with PLC control
– circulation heater make Stainless steel 304, painted RAL 9010, with extended 6-step PLC control, 16.7kW-3x400V
– Very detailed control with digital display and PT 100 temperature sensors
– Optional: PLC, flow monitoring, pressure protection, etc.
– Application: water, water-/glycol or oil heating

Elektrical boilers Nibe

Elektrical boilers Nibe
– (basis) Nibe boilers or tanks type ES, EL, Elkasset ELK 213, equipped with high quality copper elements
– Capacity 4,5-13 kW, power supply: 3x208V, 3x380V, 3x400V, 3x415V, 3x440V, 3x480V or upon request
– Application: shipping and offshore applications.