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Heating elements

All elements and products can be made according to your wishes and in any desired quantity. We design and make everything ourselves in our own factory. Depending on the demand, application, medium and permissible surface load, all shapes and sizes are possible and will be of the best possible quality.
Feel free to contact us to talk about the many possibilities. 

Heating elements, plate elements, cartridge heaters, finned heating elements, band heating elements, ceramic elements etc., can be delvered in any number, standard models or custom made models.
Also we can deliver Ohmvo flexibele silicone heating mats, belts and antenna heating mats.

Dimensions : Ø 6,5, 8,0, 8,5, 10mm, • square 7 of 8 mm • flat oval 5×12, 6 x 16, 8 x 20 mm.
Material : Stainless steel: 302B, 304L, 316L of 321, INC 800, INC 825, nickel plated copper or steel.
Connection voltage : up to 700V
Connections : M4 set screw, Faston connection, cable loop, etc. Optional threaded/clamp nipple
Application : air treatment, fluid heating, nozzle heating, hospitality industry and industrial applications.

Tube heating element AISI Ø8,5mm M4 model

Heating element Ø 8.5mm M4 model
– Elements suitable for air or channel heating
– Size at desired specification, Ø8 or 8.5mm, material: 304/321 stainless steel
– Connections: M12/14 threaded/clamp nipples, with M4 or various other possibilities.

Tube heating element wrapped AISI

Heating element wrapped
– Ø8 or 8.5 mm wound with M12 (brass) nipples and / m4 connections
– Material: 304/316/321 stainless steel
– Power and Voltage upon request

Heating element AISI cold technique

Heating element cold technique
– Tube Ø8.5 or 8x8mm element at customer’s desired specification, IP65
– Material: 316 stainless steel with shrunk sleeves and wires upon request
– Applications: evaporators, anti-condensation heating

Tube heating element Ø 6.4mm, coiled for duct

Heating element Ø 6.4mm, coiled
– Tube Ø6.4mm coiled, suitable for duct channels Ø100 – 400mm, various models in stock
– Material: 304/321 stainless steel, including mounting plate with M5 attachment
– Connections: Double Faston, power supply: 250-2000W, Voltage 230/400/440V

Heating element AISI 316L flat oval clock spring for duct heater

Heating element flat-oval clock spring
– Tube flat-oval 6×16, 8x20mm, bent as clock springs, with optional mounting plate
– Material: 316, 2F or 3F stainless steel version possible, at desired specification
– Application: Duct heaters Ø160-500mm

Cartridge heating element

Cartridge heating element
– Available at desired specification, stainless steel model, H7 fitting, fibreglass connection wires
– capacity: 50-3500W, 12-400V, size ± Ø6-22mm (inch and metric)
– Optional: 90 degree connection
Applications: plate heating, Molds etc.

Ceramic infrared radiator

Ceramic infrared panel radiator
Type FSR, models: 230V, 250/400/650/ 1000W, 245x60mm, Type FSR/2, models: 230V, 125/200/325/400/500W, 122x60mm, Type T-FSR optionally equipped with thermocouple type K

Ohmvo flexible heating elements, Ohmbelt, Ohmmat

Flexible silicone heating elements
– Silicone flexible heating elements, of Ohmvo in a standard range or specially designed, for excellent heat transfer, easy installation, ultra flexible, low thickness,, robustness and durability.

Tube heating element, Ø8.5mm for air

Heating element Ø8.5mm Fan heaters
– Element suitable for ventilators or air heating, model shown ±500mm
– Sizes at desired specification, Ø8.5mm, material: 304/321 stainless steel
– Connections: M4 set screw

Tube heating element, flat-oval coiled AISI

Heating element flat-oval coiled
– Tube flat-oval 5x12mm, coiled with Teflon wires and glass-fibre stocking
– Material: 316/321 stainless steel
– Power and Voltage upon request

Finned heating element

Finned heating elements
– Elements Ø8 mm, with galvanised or stainless steel slats, suitable for air heating. Standard series: 230V, 100W/200W/500W/600W/750W/1000W/1250W/1500W
– Connections: M4 set screws and M12 galvanised steel nipples

Tube heating element, AISI Ø8.5mm, M8 model

Heating element Ø8.5mm, M8 model

– Tube Ø8.5mm curved M8 model, suitable for air ducts, fan heaters with M12/14 nipple/threaded Clamps, M4 connections
– Dimensions: various standard models in AISI 304, or at desired specification
– Power supply: 1000W-3000W,  Voltage 115-480V.

Heating element flat oval AISI 316L

Heating element flat-oval AISI 316L
Tube flat oval 8x20mm bar element, bent at 90 degrees, with connection box and silicone cable
– Material: AISI316L
– Dimensions and power at desired specification

Ceramic heating element (Steatite)

Ceramic heating element, round (steatite)
– Ceramic round element made of steatite stacks, Ø26, 32, 36 or 45mm
– Including head and end steatite stones, draw bar and connections
– Capacity and voltage at desired specification

Band or nozzle heating element

band or nozzle heating element
– Built to desired specification, mica or ceramic finish, optionally with 3P plug housing, connection cable and temperature sensor
– capacity: 10-3500W, voltage: 24-400V, size ± Ø35-750mm
– Applications: nozzle heating, molding machines and cylindrical heating

Flexibel silicone heating mat, belt or antenna heating mat

Flexible silicone heating  mat, belt or antenna heating mat
– Flexible silicone heating elements, of Ohmvo in a standard range or specially designed, for excellent heat transfer, easy installation, ultra flexible, low thickness,, robustness and durability.