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Quality for reliability and long life

Jac. de Vries GESTA develops and  supplies  heating elements and heaters to professional installers and users.

We know better than anyone the importance of functional quality, but also the importance of reliability and safety. A safe and reliably functioning appliance is important for both the installer and the end user. Only the highest quality ensures relaiability and prevents leaks and malfunctions in the long term.

All products are checked  for functionality and safety before delivery.

The Quality is on the inside

It is often not possible to see from the device which internal materials have been used. After all, the technical part is protected. Jac. de Vries GESTA always knows what power is required for your application. We only use standardized components and materials.

In addition to the correct power, we also optionally install controls with high-quality components and the heating elements have a high-quality seal, we install temperature protections and possibly simple or extensive temperature controls.

You have to be aware of that

In addition to durability and safety, price is also a variable factor. In the complex market of heating elements, the expression clearly applies: “Cheap can be expensive”.

With Jac. de Vries GESTA, application, safety and reliability form the basis on which a product is composed. Based on the demand, we advise the customer of the best possible product with the desired quality for a competitive, realistic price.

You don’t see that on the outside, but it is recognized by our regular customers. They have an eye for this in the meantime.

Jac. de Vries GESTA has been making top quality products for about 80 years

Based on your wishes, our experts advise the structure of the desired product. We think along with you and are always available for questions. Years of know-how and experience relieve our customers and keep them coming back again and again.

Because it is not the price that you should get excited about. It is about the top in service, reliability and quality.

And we have been doing this with optimum pleasure for many years.

Feel free to contact us for advice and answers to all your questions.