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Specials and temperature control

All elements and products can be made according to your wishes and in any desired quantity. We design and make everything ourselves in our own factory. Depending on the application of the device and the medium, all shapes and sizes are possible. The capacity of the device can also be tailored to suit the required application and it will always be of the best quality.
Feel free to contact us to talk about the many possibilities. 

Products are specially developed, manufactured and maintained with our expertise in cooperation with the client.
Temperature controls can be provided and delivered in a variety of ways. Maximum security is installed as a rule, and temperature control can be provided (optional). A simple solution is a capillary thermostat or, if a sensitive or proportional control is desired, one may choose for a 0-10Vdc control with temperature sensors, PLC control etc.
Ask us about the various possibilities.

Digital control cabinet 100kW with PLC temperature control (6 steps)

Digital control cabinet 100kW with PLC temperature control (6 stages)
– With Siemens PLC very fine adjustable in 6 steps. Input via 0-10Vdc signal, external temperature sensors, digital reading etc. Customized to your specification with extended temperature control and security. Suitable for proportional control of ohmic load such as air heaters, flow-through devices, tank heating etc.

Control cabinet with digital temperature control

Control cabinet with digital temperature control
– Suitable for monitoring and protecting your process with the right setting for your needs; custom-made including all necessary components.
– Optional: multi-step, digital display, stainless steel or painted steel control box, temperature sensors, etc.

Control Cabinet digital control

Control cabinet with digital temperature control
Control cabinet painted or stainless steel, equipped on specification
– Includes all necessary electrical components like switch, relay, digital controllers and sensors, protections, cable glands and terminal facilities

Heated eye- and face-wash unit, outside stainless steel set up.
– Specially designed for flushing eyes and face in the event of an emergency, using heated water (± 28 ° C), for emergency situations in accordance with ANSI Z358.1. Housing is entirely stainless steel 304, equipped with electronically controlled flow device: 18kW – 3x400V+N, including various safety devices.
Heated Eye- and Face-Wash Unit

Capillary and bi-metallic thermostats 1P and 3P

Capillary and bi-metallic Thermostats 1P, 3P
– Capillary Thermostats are available in various temperature ranges, automatic or manual reset, with or without two-way contacts, from various brands such as TG, EGO, JUMO, JEAGER etc.
– Capillary (with) protection, copper or stainless steel sensor, control with a knob or screwdriver setting, max.16A
– Other types of temperature protection or control are possible, such as: Klixons, PT-100 sensors, Thermo coupling type J-K, etc.

Room thermostat in 1, 2, 3 or 4 stages

Room thermostat 1, 2, 3 and 4 stages
– Available in several executions and brands.
– until 4 switching steps.

Digital controller

Digital controller
– Suitable for 230V/50Hz
– Input: temp. sensor,  thermocouple, PT 100, 0-10V, 0-20mA, PTC, NTC
– Output: relay, SSR relay
– S
everal temperature sensors and controllers available

Digital controller type EKR

Digital capacity controller EKR
– Suitable for proportional control of ohmic charges, such as air heaters, etc.
– Input via 0-10Vdc signal, external temperature sensor, control via (external) setting
– Type EKR 15.1, suitable for up to 15kW-3x400V; Type EKR 15.1P, suitable for up to 27 kW-3x400V.

Digital PID capacity controller 230V

Digital PID capacity controller 230V
– Suitable for regulation of power capacities up to 1500W-230V, plastic housing complete with thermocouple type K 5x160mm
– Art. 109402 – available from stock, ask about our competitive pricing!